General FAQ

Do you give free estimates?

Yes! Click Here to contact us for your free estimate.

What does "USA" stand for?

“USA” stands for Underground Service Alert.

Fencing FAQ

Can you tear out and dispose of my old fence or patio cover?

Yes! We can tear out and haul away your old fence or patio cover.

How wide should my gate be?

Before choosing a gate size, make sure common items like your lawnmower and trashcan can fit through your new gate width.

Is vinyl or wood fencing better?

Our consultants take your needs into consideration when making suggestions. Each material has its own benefits and characteristics.

What colors is vinyl fencing available in?

Vinyl Fencing is currently available in 4 colors: White, Sand, Wicker and Cyprus.

What is the difference between Con-Heart, and Con-Common wood?

Con-heart redwood comes from the center of the redwood tree. Con-heart is red in color and can be more dense than con-common wood. Con-common comes from the next layer of the redwood tree and is white in color. A con-heart fence board will be all red where a con-common fence board can have a mixture of red and white.

What kind of posts do you use for wood fences?

We use pressure treated Douglas Fir or LifePosts. We use LifePosts because the galvanized steel core will not rot and fail like wood posts do.

What type of fasteners do you use on your wood fences?

We only use hot dipped galvanized nails. Hot Dipped galvanized nails are superior to electroplated nails when used in Redwood.

Where is the vinyl & aluminum fencing manufactured?

The vinyl and aluminum fencing products are manufactured in the United States.

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